Halloween – bar humbug

So I’m going to admit it …. I just don’t get trick or treating!

When I was younger my parents didn’t allow us out to trick or treat and at the time I thought that was highly unfair – especially as we were normally in bed when my friends were knocking on our door having fun.

halloween trick or treat family

We were allowed to dress up after school and Mummy would make us a spooky tea of sorts but that’s where the fun ended.

Therefore you would assume that I would not conform to my parents ideals and instead grasp Halloween fully – but oh no. I’m just as bar humbug as my parents.

My children are still only 3 and 5 but I’m rejoicing that its half term so they won’t know about it and I won’t need to even dress them up! My curtains will be closed and the porch light won’t be turned on tonight which is a sign to say “go away I have no sweets”. That reminds me, my mother used to give out one raisin each and she used to cackle when telling us the next morning that she bet she wouldn’t see the same children the following year, and yes she was right!

So am I down right cruel (a lot of my friends thing I am) or are you going to join me being bar humbug?

Thanks for reading x


Reasons 2 be cheerful – I’m loving my hobby

Mummy from the heart¬†set up a fab linky back in 2011 to encourage people to appreciate what they’ve got. ¬†As she says ”¬†The best medicine for a negative day is to remind yourself of what you are grateful for” and I’m a great believer in this and so when I saw that she’d made a linky to encourage us to appreciate our life I thought why not. ¬†So here I am…….

reasons to be cheerful craft children hobby decoupage

Today, I have many reasons to be cheerful but I’m feeling especially happy at the moment because after having been a SAHM for the last 5 years, I’ve set up a very small business called Pressies by Pebbles. ¬†I suffer from insomnia and spend most nights wondering what to do with myself because if I stay in bed awake I send myself loopy. ¬†So I took up crafting a few years ago to keep me company during the long nights and have absolutely loved it. ¬†So now I’m able to share my crafty loveliness (even if I do say so myself) by personalising all my pictures into anything you want.

I only started selling a few weeks ago however I’ve already had a huge amount of support from friends and a few strangers so my confidence has increased ten fold and I’m just loving every minute of it ūüôā

So I have many reasons to be cheerful however at present I’m mostly cheerful because of my new business ūüôā

Thank you for reading.

How important are date nights?

So so so excited as we’re off to the cinema tonight to see the new Bond movie.

We are both HUGE Bond fans having spent a lot of our early courting years snuggling under the duvet and watching back to back Bond films.  Mr P even admitted one day that he learnt some of his amazing foreplay moves on Mr Bond himself Рha ha ha how that made me laugh!

james bond date night marriage children

So anyway, the babysitter will come at 7 and we’ll go and enjoy a lovely supper in ‘Brixton Village’. ¬†Most of the restaurants there are BYO¬†and we’ve got our eyes set on the lovely Thai Restaurant but we’ll have to play it by ear as we can’t book so we’ll need to find somewhere that will feed us quickly so we can be back at the cinema for 8.30 to purchase the prerequisite popcorn before the film starts.

Since having children 5 years ago we’ve gone through phases of having regular ‘date nights’ and not. ¬†We are normally ruled by Mr P’s work schedule but he’s quite good at pushing even the important things aside to allow us our weekly night out with just the two of us.

On a normal evening Mr P gets home from work about 8 ish and we’ll eat supper straight away and then he will work again until we go to bed. ¬†He will be sitting with me on the sofa in the sitting room and I’ll be crafting away with the tv on in the background and although we’re together it’s just not the same as getting out and having each others undivided attention.

I can honestly say for us and our relationship it’s so so important that we have our time out of the house with no distractions and I can notice the difference when it doesn’t happen. ¬†It’s not that we necessarily argue more but we definitely niggle at each other when we don’t have the chance to talk things through.

So I had better post this and go and brave the elements outside again and join Mr P with putting the garden to bed for the winter while we get excited about our date later.  You never know, Mr P might learn a few more moves!!!!

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Ranty Friday – I hate people being late

So this Ranty Friday post is a bit controversial. ¬†The reason being, one of my favourite people in the whole wide world is ALWAYS late and if she does read this she’ll know who she is so I just want to say that even though you’re ALWAYS late I will always love you ūüôā

ranty friday hate people being late

So, I’m an early bird. ¬†Not on time. ¬†Not a bit early. ¬†But a seriously anal early bird. ¬†I absolutely do not expect people to be like me. ¬†I spent a lot of time waiting around and I can see how annoying that would be for most people so I don’t recommend people be as early as I am.

What I would like however is that people are on time.  I understand that there are occasionally things out of our control that may make us a bit late however more often than not there is no reasonable excuse.

Why should I wait around for people just because they can’t get ready in time. ¬†Is their time really more important than mine?

Thanks for reading.

ps ‚Äď please check out my twitter friends blog –¬†http://www.mummybarrow.com/ranty-friday/ ¬†She is encouraging us all to let out a rant each Friday and posting it on her blog ‚Äď letting out a bit of steam before the weekend comes.

Pass On The Lurve

So I’ve just come across a fabulous blogger called Manic Mum ( via Super Amazing Mum¬†whom I follow).

Basically Manic Mum (MM) met Super Amazing Mum (SAM) 2 years ago online. ¬†They both started blogging at the same time and as newbies together they bonded. ¬†They weren’t friends in real life however have become so. ¬†MM has gone through the most horrendous personal nightmare and SAM jumped in without being asked and from what I have read was there when she was really needed and they now are real life best buddies. ¬†Their families are friends, their kids are mates, and they stay at each others houses and call each other up to laugh, cry or just for a chin wag. ¬†So, because MM loves SAM so much and appreciates their friendship she wanted to start a “Pass on the Lurve” link where people in turn write about someone they’ve met blogging that they now count as a true friend – what a great idea.

Their story really moved me. ¬†You see, I’m just a newbie. I’ve only been blogging for 3 1/2 weeks and I’m sitting here wondering whether perhaps in 2 years time I can look at MM’s post and add my own link to someone I meet in this humungous world of blogging. ¬†Maybe it’s someone I’ve already met or someone lurking on the outside currently but might jump in as a follower very soon!!! ¬†Whatever happens, I would really really like to come back to MM’s post in a few years and who know’s, someone might find it and write about me too!

So if you have someone that you would like to write about please please pass on the lurve

Thanks for reading x

I’m buzzing, I’m crafting

I had to post a picture of my latest crafty fabness!

It’s a very cool Crayola Crayon picture in a 3D¬†frame – please excuse the blur – I was too excited to wait for daytime so had to take a quick nighttime pic with my phone!

I’ve made the letter ‘F’ as this is going to be a present for my darling godson Freddy. ¬†I’ve got 2 goddaughters and 1 godson and I do feel it’s so much easier making fab girlie stuff so my goddaughters have received quilts for their dolly’s, cushions, pictures etc but my darling Godson has only been given¬†one lame picture that I think my 5-year-old son could have made!!!

So I’ve been wanting to make up for this for a long time. ¬†I’m in the middle of making him a lovely patchwork quilt for his bed but this is proving quite a long project so in the mean time I thought I could give him this. ¬†He’s only 3 so it’s more of a pressie for his Mummy!!! ¬†But I hope they love it ūüôā

If you would like me to make you a picture of any initial please visit my Facebook page which has all of the details – http://www.facebook.com/pressiesbypebbles.

Thanks for reading x

How many children do you want?

“How can you say there are too many children? ¬†That’s like saying that there are too many flowers” Mother Teresa.

Do you want a Von Trapp brood or a comfortable number that seems easily manageable?

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post I’ve been in the lucky (well I think lucky) position of always knowing how many children I want, and luckily Mr P has agreed with me. ¬†Two children works for us and that belief has never changed.

We have, however, just had my nephew and niece to stay (my brother and his wife were at a wedding for the weekend). ¬†They are 10 and 8 and are just the most lovely children and are a joy to look after. ¬†The amazingness for us was that we have had a very very chilled weekend. ¬†From the moment they walked through the door they played with our children (aged 5 and 3) continually. ¬†Hide and seek, drawing, puzzles, football, lego, mummy and babies – literally every game under the sun they played. ¬†Mr P and I just didn’t know what to do with ourselves.

I ended up finishing 3 craft projects that have been hanging over me for the past few weeks and Mr P got some paperwork done which means he hasn’t had to do it this afternoon after my niece and nephew left.

So… I totally understand that if they were our children full time that they perhaps wouldn’t play so nicely or for that long together however I can see the argument of 4 children. ¬†The first 2 go to school when you have the second 2 and then they can all keep each other entertained when jobs and chores need to be done!!

Is that too simplistic a view? Probably. ¬†A lot of my friends who have gone from 2 to 3 say that it’s because they just didn’t feel their family was complete yet. ¬†No ulterior motive, no babysitters on tap, just because they knew they wanted to be a Mummy of 3.

So what has made you stop or carry on? ¬†Money, number of bedrooms, can’t stand the thought of going through pregnancy or labour again or did you keep going for the other sex even though stats aren’t on your side?

This is a debate where there’s no right or wrong however if you are lucky enough to be able to choose the number, how many children do you want?

Ranty Friday – I hate it when people don’t say “please” and “thank you”

I don’t want to come across as a¬†curmudgeon but I need to have a rant!

I remember as a child, that my parents (mostly my Mummy) continually said “say please”, ‘say thank you” and me thinking they sounded like a broken record. ¬†I couldn’t understand what was so important so I would just say it in order to keep them quiet (well as quiet as possible)

However, today and for as long as I can remember, it comes naturally. ¬†Whether that be in the car with someone having just let me out of a junction, in a shop where I have just bought something (or even just had a wonder), to every night when I put my children to bed and I say to them “thank you for being you”. ¬† It is just polite, courteous and most importantly respectful.

I, in turn, seem to spend my life reminding my 5 and 3-year-old children to say please and thank you. ¬†I’d like to think that it mostly comes naturally to them now but I still remind them if they haven’t. ¬†At their parents evening this week both teachers said how polite they were and never needed reminding to say please and thank you and more than anything else that was said about them, that made me so proud. ¬†My husband and I are bringing up well-mannered children and that really matters, really really matters.

The thing is though it has to come from adults. ¬†How are the younger generation going to learn unless their parents and other adults encourage them to do so. ¬†However, more often than not I get infuriated when I go out of my way to do something and I don’t get a thank you, whether that be from a stranger or someone I know. ¬†Even slang words like ta or cheers is absolutely fine – I’m actually quite a fan of cheers (not only when I toast my wine!!).

There’s this annoying gate opening into the school playground that really slams back on itself. ¬†I quite often find myself standing there at school drop off or pick up to let maybe 3-4 groups of people in but I rarely get a “thank you” or “ta” or even a vague smile in acknowledgement – it doesn’t take much does it?

So readers please, in future, no matter how small the action, please say please and thank you.

Thanks for listening to my Friday rant.   Oooooo what am I going to rant about next week?

ps – please check out my twitter friends blog –¬†http://www.mummybarrow.com/ranty-friday/ ¬†She is encouraging us all to let out a rant each Friday and posting it on her blog – letting out a bit of steam before the weekend comes.