Hello everyone!

So this is my first (of I hope many) blog posts and I feel a little nervous and dare I say a little silly too!!!!

Nervous because I’ve spent many years reading other blogs and thinking “wow they write so well” or “wow they are pretty cool” and unfortunately I don’t think I write well and I know I’m not cool!!!!!

Silly because writing this down is like thinking at night while you’re awake.  You’re talking to absolutely nobody so things just go round and round in your head and there’s never a solution so…… the question is why am I writing?

Two fold really but they go hand in hand.

I’m an insomniac.  I don’t mean that occasionally I don’t sleep very well I mean pretty much ever since January 2005 I’ve had less that 4 hours sleep and for a very long 2 years no more than about an hour!!!  My lack of sleep is a whole another story however due to being an insomniac I find that I have an enormous amount of time on my hands to do something quiet!!!

And that led me to crafting.  I was always the sporty one at school and was asked to give up art at 15 because I was truly terrible at it.  However I went to an art fair about 3 years ago (I’m trying to find a link for the craft fair but don’t think it’s still happening but will continue to search) where I saw some absolutely gorgeous 3d butterfly pictures (again I’m trying to find the original guy that gave me my inspiration – hopefully link will follow).  I fell in love with them but my husband had set me a budget and these well and truly came over that budget.  I took some photos with my phone to see if I could persuade my husband on my return but instead he just said, you could do that!!!   So off I went to John Lewis and found some beautiful butterfly wrapping paper and I spent the next 5 nights painstakingly cutting around each butterfly and then off I trotted to Ikea to buy some box frames and hey presto I had my first wonderful amazing and just perfect picture for my daughters bedroom.

And the rest they say is history.  I dabble in pretty much everything and anything.  There’s nothing nicer than a friend commenting positively about one of my creations.  It keeps me busy at night, it keeps me happy and I’ve been able to create both my family and friends an enormous amount of cool presents that I think/hope they like!!!

So that’s it….. my first post over and done with.  I’ll go back and read it now and check for spelling but I think I’m then just going to take a deep breath and press “send”.

Thank you very much for reading


12 thoughts on “Hello everyone!

    • Thanks so much Button’s Mummy – I’ve just checked out your blog and absolutely love it, well done you for starting too 🙂

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