Where’s Heaven Mummy?

So very sadly our children only have one Grandparent on each side.  My father died in 2002 and my mother in law died 3 weeks before our eldest was born in 2007.

It’s always been very important to us that the children know about them and that we talk very openly about them etc.

I believe in God and therefore it was very easy for us to know that we were going to explain that they had died and gone up to heaven.  When they were younger we said up in the stars and then gradually bought in the word Heaven.

So… Mr Pebbles took our daughter (aged 3) swimming today and on their way home she said “i love going swimming Daddy because it’s where I’m close to Grandpa and Granny” so my husband was a bit confused and asked her “urm, no, why do you think that?  They’re in Heaven” and she replied “no, Mummy said that they’re in the water” which lead to him being really really confused so he asked her to explain what I had actually said and she replied “Mummy said that they dived!!!!!”

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5 thoughts on “Where’s Heaven Mummy?

  1. Oh that’s fabulous! I wonder if they ever considered why they were diving in heaven?? Mine always say they feel closest to Grandad when they are eating sweets, because he bought them a lot when he was alive, but I suspect that’s a heartstring ploy 😉

  2. Oh that is superb!! It’s humour like that that can’t be written in a comedy script- out of the mouths of babes- brilliant!!

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