Crafting Away

So I’ve been a busy little bee since recovering from my birthday.  I’ve had music blasting out to give me that little extra umph and I’m on a roll.  Lots of ideas but just not enough time to make them all – my list is growing by the day which I just love 🙂

A dear friend came over yesterday and has commissioned me to do two of my butterfly pictures for her Goddaughters.  I’m currently hunting around for some lovely craft paper for me to start cutting out – I’ll upload pictures as soon as I’m done.

I have however just finished 2 fabulous box frame pictures.  One is an underwater scene and the other is Noah’s Ark.  All the figures are made of wood and they just look lovely and only £40 + P+P (measuring 20.5″ x 20.5″ x 1.75″).  Please check out my Facebook page for more pictures –


2 thoughts on “Crafting Away

    • Thank you so so so much Never-ending (even though I did laugh at your hair colour!!!) – Your equally proud friend xxx

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