There’s a mouse in the house


It was HUGE.  Well huge in the eye of someone who has never seen a mouse before apart from on Tom and Jerry!








Did you know that:

Mice can get through a hole the size of a pencil – about 6mm

Mice produce 7 – 8 litters of 4 – 16 pups per year. They begin breeding at two months of age.

Mice can produce up to 80 droppings a day which are scattered everywhere rather than one place.

So I wasn’t going to tell the kids because my eldest was at school and youngest asleep when Mr Mouse Man came over however unfortunately Mr Mouse came for a visit at tea time today and I had no time to prepare myself to be cool but instead swore to high heaven and jumped on top of the kitchen table.

My eldest thought it was a game and that suddenly standing on a table was the done thing and that I was riding his ship and therefore he joined me and started to shout “ahoy mateys”.  My daughter however didn’t look at my actions or what was running across the room but instead listened to my words……. s**t s**t s**t s**t

She’s only 3….. lets just watch this space 😦




2 thoughts on “There’s a mouse in the house

  1. Oh no! We had a mouse a couple of years ago. Oh, I tell a lie. We had a mouse who I thought was a very persistent and energetic little bugger, and he turned out to be at least two mice. What a nightmare.

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