The mouse is still in the house….

OMG, seriously freaking out here.

Haven’t seen Mr Mouse since Monday evening so have been feeling a bit more relaxed about going into the kitchen.  I’ve been seriously thorough with detolling the surfaces at all times but had thought Mr Mouse Man had worked his magic!  However… boy was I wrong.

Kids in bed, I’m sitting very comfortably on sofa settling in for the evening when Mr Mouse runs out from under the sofa and scuttles across the floor back into the kitchen – agh.

Just phoned my Mum to let out a bit of steam and get some sympathy, and when I say I couldn’t believe that it was in my sitting room as I thought it would stay in the kitchen she just laughed and said “don’t worry Darling, it’ll be the brother or sister”.

I did look at putting another picture up but I just can’t bear to be looking at mice at the moment so you’ll just have to be lumped with my writing 🙂


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