Pass On The Lurve

So I’ve just come across a fabulous blogger called Manic Mum ( via Super Amazing Mum whom I follow).

Basically Manic Mum (MM) met Super Amazing Mum (SAM) 2 years ago online.  They both started blogging at the same time and as newbies together they bonded.  They weren’t friends in real life however have become so.  MM has gone through the most horrendous personal nightmare and SAM jumped in without being asked and from what I have read was there when she was really needed and they now are real life best buddies.  Their families are friends, their kids are mates, and they stay at each others houses and call each other up to laugh, cry or just for a chin wag.  So, because MM loves SAM so much and appreciates their friendship she wanted to start a “Pass on the Lurve” link where people in turn write about someone they’ve met blogging that they now count as a true friend – what a great idea.

Their story really moved me.  You see, I’m just a newbie. I’ve only been blogging for 3 1/2 weeks and I’m sitting here wondering whether perhaps in 2 years time I can look at MM’s post and add my own link to someone I meet in this humungous world of blogging.  Maybe it’s someone I’ve already met or someone lurking on the outside currently but might jump in as a follower very soon!!!  Whatever happens, I would really really like to come back to MM’s post in a few years and who know’s, someone might find it and write about me too!

So if you have someone that you would like to write about please please pass on the lurve

Thanks for reading x


4 thoughts on “Pass On The Lurve

  1. this is lovely! you are very lucky to have found me and SAM…;) !! i hope you find a best blog bud too, i couldnt do it without SAM! Nice work doing the pass it on link…see you very soon MM xxxx

  2. Aww, that’s a lovely idea and a lovely story. Blogging and twitter can sometimes seem like the opposite to seeing ‘real friends’ always nice to hear about virtual friends becoming real ones.

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