Ranty Friday – I hate people being late

So this Ranty Friday post is a bit controversial.  The reason being, one of my favourite people in the whole wide world is ALWAYS late and if she does read this she’ll know who she is so I just want to say that even though you’re ALWAYS late I will always love you 🙂

ranty friday hate people being late

So, I’m an early bird.  Not on time.  Not a bit early.  But a seriously anal early bird.  I absolutely do not expect people to be like me.  I spent a lot of time waiting around and I can see how annoying that would be for most people so I don’t recommend people be as early as I am.

What I would like however is that people are on time.  I understand that there are occasionally things out of our control that may make us a bit late however more often than not there is no reasonable excuse.

Why should I wait around for people just because they can’t get ready in time.  Is their time really more important than mine?

Thanks for reading.

ps – please check out my twitter friends blog – http://www.mummybarrow.com/ranty-friday/  She is encouraging us all to let out a rant each Friday and posting it on her blog – letting out a bit of steam before the weekend comes.


12 thoughts on “Ranty Friday – I hate people being late

  1. “Is their time really more important than mine?” THIS exactly. It’s what goes through my head whenever anyone is late.I don’t mind so much if someone who is usually on time runs a bit over but it’s people who are perpetually late that get my goat. It’s not an adorable personality quirk chuck, it’s just annoying!

  2. I’m always painfully early for things. I even arrived at my own wedding before most of the guests and had to hide in the car down a side lane!

    Its hard being in a relationship with a very late person when you are a very early person. I was with my ex boyfriend, off to visit his sister. We were still at my house at the time we were already supposed to be at hers (and still had a bus and a train to catch to get there) when he announced he couldn’t leave until he had clipped his toenails. I think I realised there and then it was never going to work! Fortunatly my husband is only a slightly late person!

  3. my husband is an early person, and this annoys me a lot (we spend a lot of time waiting around, being hurried to leave the house etc. I am sometimes late, but always apologise. I do get really annoyed with people who are perpetually late though, or who decide to do something else on the way without telling you, or turn up chronically extremely late (like 2 hours late) when I have changed my plans to be available for them!

  4. I am so with you on this! In fact a close friend (godmother to my girls) and I have fallen out over this very issue! She is always late and I gave her ample opportunity to tell me this time, but she still left me waiting for her in a restaurant for an hour, I was sat on my own looking like a right twerp. So, when she finally did arrive I was a little bit prickly to say the least. She has now ended all communication because of how rude I was??? (all I said was that I wasn’t happy sat waiting so long!) I’m still fuming and this happened 3 months ago! Grrrrrr. If I can be on time/early with twins to look after, there is no reason for anyone else to be so late…. Thank you for letting me get that off my chest ;-D

    • Oh poor poor you. Can’t believe she’s stopped all contact. I feel for you and totally think you were right to say something. An hour late when youre on your own is unacceptable. I hope things are resolved soon x

  5. love the ranty friday thing! i have for as long as i can remember kept my watch 10 mins fast to avoid being late! today hubby changed the clocks and has put my watch to the correct time. i am so nervous that i’m going to be late now because of that! It is hard to know what (if anything) to do / say to really lovely friends who have a habit of always being late. in can be a real pain sometimes but at the end of the day, I wouldn’t want to jeopardise my friendship with them either. look forward to reading more of your blog x

  6. I hate lateness, too. Used to have a friend (used to) who was ALWAYS late. It didn’t matter what was on, he never ever turned up early or on time. It annoyed the hell outta me and my husband. He was so bad that (and this is 100% true), on Boxing Day about 6 years ago, we arranged for him and his girlfriend to come round at 3pm. They turned up at twenty minutes to 7. Yes, I kid you not. I got one text from him to say they’d be late. Amy, who was only 6 at the time, was absolutely mortified because she’d been looking forward to them coming. I was disgusted when they arrived and just plonked themselves on the sofa waiting for me to offer them a drink. We saw them about twice after that and haven’t seen them since. There’s no excuse, it’s just rude and bad manners.

    CJ x

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