How important are date nights?

So so so excited as we’re off to the cinema tonight to see the new Bond movie.

We are both HUGE Bond fans having spent a lot of our early courting years snuggling under the duvet and watching back to back Bond films.  Mr P even admitted one day that he learnt some of his amazing foreplay moves on Mr Bond himself – ha ha ha how that made me laugh!

james bond date night marriage children

So anyway, the babysitter will come at 7 and we’ll go and enjoy a lovely supper in ‘Brixton Village’.  Most of the restaurants there are BYO and we’ve got our eyes set on the lovely Thai Restaurant but we’ll have to play it by ear as we can’t book so we’ll need to find somewhere that will feed us quickly so we can be back at the cinema for 8.30 to purchase the prerequisite popcorn before the film starts.

Since having children 5 years ago we’ve gone through phases of having regular ‘date nights’ and not.  We are normally ruled by Mr P’s work schedule but he’s quite good at pushing even the important things aside to allow us our weekly night out with just the two of us.

On a normal evening Mr P gets home from work about 8 ish and we’ll eat supper straight away and then he will work again until we go to bed.  He will be sitting with me on the sofa in the sitting room and I’ll be crafting away with the tv on in the background and although we’re together it’s just not the same as getting out and having each others undivided attention.

I can honestly say for us and our relationship it’s so so important that we have our time out of the house with no distractions and I can notice the difference when it doesn’t happen.  It’s not that we necessarily argue more but we definitely niggle at each other when we don’t have the chance to talk things through.

So I had better post this and go and brave the elements outside again and join Mr P with putting the garden to bed for the winter while we get excited about our date later.  You never know, Mr P might learn a few more moves!!!!

Thanks for reading


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