Reasons 2 be cheerful – I’m loving my hobby

Mummy from the heart set up a fab linky back in 2011 to encourage people to appreciate what they’ve got.  As she says ” The best medicine for a negative day is to remind yourself of what you are grateful for” and I’m a great believer in this and so when I saw that she’d made a linky to encourage us to appreciate our life I thought why not.  So here I am…….

reasons to be cheerful craft children hobby decoupage

Today, I have many reasons to be cheerful but I’m feeling especially happy at the moment because after having been a SAHM for the last 5 years, I’ve set up a very small business called Pressies by Pebbles.  I suffer from insomnia and spend most nights wondering what to do with myself because if I stay in bed awake I send myself loopy.  So I took up crafting a few years ago to keep me company during the long nights and have absolutely loved it.  So now I’m able to share my crafty loveliness (even if I do say so myself) by personalising all my pictures into anything you want.

I only started selling a few weeks ago however I’ve already had a huge amount of support from friends and a few strangers so my confidence has increased ten fold and I’m just loving every minute of it 🙂

So I have many reasons to be cheerful however at present I’m mostly cheerful because of my new business 🙂

Thank you for reading.


5 thoughts on “Reasons 2 be cheerful – I’m loving my hobby

  1. Ohh how wonderful, your business sounds lovely and very sensible if you are awake anyway. You are welcome to link up any day but most readers do it once the link goes live on a Thursday, so if you fancy some visitors and commenters from the linky then add a post on a Thurs. Mich x

    • Sorry think i might have sent last one before finishing. I’ve got your linky down the side of my page, do i need to do something else? Sorry to be dense. Thanks so much for reading and I love this linky 🙂 x

    • me again, i’ve just been to your site and seen that i’m not linked to the bottom of your post but i’m pretty sure that I clicked through and entered all my details so think i must be doing something wrong!

    • Thank you so much. I have to say now I’m doing something with my time I’m a lot more together mentally whereas I found when I lay there it sent me a bit loopy. It really is just the most horrendous illness. I pray things improve for you too. Take care of yourself x

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