Halloween – bar humbug

So I’m going to admit it …. I just don’t get trick or treating!

When I was younger my parents didn’t allow us out to trick or treat and at the time I thought that was highly unfair – especially as we were normally in bed when my friends were knocking on our door having fun.

halloween trick or treat family

We were allowed to dress up after school and Mummy would make us a spooky tea of sorts but that’s where the fun ended.

Therefore you would assume that I would not conform to my parents ideals and instead grasp Halloween fully – but oh no. I’m just as bar humbug as my parents.

My children are still only 3 and 5 but I’m rejoicing that its half term so they won’t know about it and I won’t need to even dress them up! My curtains will be closed and the porch light won’t be turned on tonight which is a sign to say “go away I have no sweets”. That reminds me, my mother used to give out one raisin each and she used to cackle when telling us the next morning that she bet she wouldn’t see the same children the following year, and yes she was right!

So am I down right cruel (a lot of my friends thing I am) or are you going to join me being bar humbug?

Thanks for reading x


4 thoughts on “Halloween – bar humbug

  1. I’m bah humbug! I’ve fashioned a little sign that says “no trick or treaters please, baby sleeping”. They are not to know she is a sound sleeping 7 month old 🙂

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