Writers Block – after only a month!!!

So I’ve never been a “writer”.  I didn’t take essay subjects for A-levels and did Internet Computing for my degree so basically I haven’t written properly for nearly 20 years!

As you may well know by now I started this blog just over a month ago now to help keep me entertained at night while I’m awake (I suffer from severe insomnia and it’s literally been over 7 years since I last had a good nights sleep).

writers block blog

Anyway, my blog is public, i.e. all my friends and family know about it so there is a certain sense of being careful just in case my Mummy decided to read it.  However I also want to be very honest with everything I write and it all comes from my heart and I think as I’m not a “writer” it actually comes out as I speak – if that makes sense – i.e. I don’t edit it afterwards it’s just like I’m talking to you!!!! – and yes, I do talk a lot.

Four weeks in and I’ve come to a bit of a halt.  I’m loving the weekly meme’s such as Ranty Friday and Reasons To Be Cheerful that gives me a topic to write about as that helps me focus.  I had a night at home tonight and I had such high hopes of starting a few posts (for those that don’t blog you can write a post but set a publish time and date in the future or start a post and then come back to it to finish).  So I had thought I might start a few posts as I’ve got a busy rest of the week ahead but I sat here with my supper, glass of wine and rubbish on tv and I came up with nothing, absolutely nothing.

So I asked my Twitter friends if they had any ideas:

Mummy’s on the wine said: “no other than sit back and it’ll come! I find if I schedule myself to blog I can’t think of anything…”

Ms Mummy of two said: ” i went people watching in a cafe and also watch something you don’t normally watch on tv and read other blogs !”

MistySrsly said: “I nosy in on people’s conversations haha”

Aspie-Girl said “What you need is lack of sleep, extra sugar, caffeine and a sudden urge to share. It’s like being drunk with a keyboard”

What would I do without Twitter.  As with my blog I’ve only been ‘doing it’ for a month but I can’t remember life without it.

So… I’m off to people watch, nosy in on other people’s conversations, sit back and relax ….and I already do the lack of sleep and drinking too much!!!

Thank you for all my help and fingers crossed something highly interesting and amusing will be published tomorrow 🙂


11 thoughts on “Writers Block – after only a month!!!

  1. Hi! I have the same problem – I set myself the task of posting every day (why???). My tips would be: keep a notebook handy, inspiration strikes in the oddest of places and keep up with what other people are musing about in blogs similar to yours.
    Someone once said, write drunk and edit sober. Excellent advice!!

  2. You see, I’m psychic there. Lack of sleep is almost hypnotic, leading you into a strange but pleasant state where nothing is at it seems – perfect for writing! (NOT so perfect for tutoring GCSE maths, as I was last night, after I messaged you!)

  3. Dont blog for the sake of a blog.

    Basically, don’t force it. It will come. I tend to schedule a headline and then come along and write the post, so I have about 20 in draft form. I see a headline / a Tweet / another blog / a picture etc and then build a blog around it. I find that helps me write then as I dont have to come up with something from scratch.

    It;’ll come in time. Don’t sweat it.

  4. I wrote an article on this a couple of months ago – how I’ve managed to write about the kids for 9 years without ever suffering from WB. I’ll dig it out and e-mail you a copy. Hope you’re keeping well.

  5. ” I don’t edit it afterwards…”
    Really?? Then you’re a fabulous writer!
    I have to admit that I write and re-write, and edit and edit… Takes me ages 😉
    And I agree with MummyBarrow above – don’t force it. It will come with time. Meanwhile, building posts around a theme that you’re particularly interested in at the moment might help?

  6. After reading through more of this blog, I have to say that you really shouldn’t be worried about writer’s block. What with 2 kids, your crafting and art, running and marathon plans, a trip to South Africa… you have a very interesting life and loads to blog about!!

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