Ranty Friday – my lack of patience

I have a lasting memory of my childhood after Parents Evenings with my parents coming home saying that the feedback was all good, I worked hard and participated well in class BUT I had no patience and rushed everything.

ranty friday lack of patience woman shouting

I used to laugh and roll my eyes when my parents told me to slow down as I never found it to be a negative…. until now.

I would like to think that I’m now described as a crafter and if there’s anything a crafter needs is patience. Everything is a little bit fiddly with a lot of glue and far too much paper so it’s very easy to get frustrated! So basically it’s quite an amusing mix – me and craft.

Not only am I crafter without patience but I’m also a parent!! And surely patience is at the top of the list when you’re being accepted into parenting school 🙂 Well somehow I got in.. twice!

This week therefore I’m ranting not about other people but about me. I think I’m an ok sort of girl but at the top of my list of things to change (other than my fat tummy of course) would be my lack of patience.

What do you find it difficult to be patient about?

Thank you so much for reading and please please head over to Mummy Barrow to read some other Ranty Friday posts.


7 thoughts on “Ranty Friday – my lack of patience

  1. I find it very hard to be patient with people who get to the top of an escalator and then just stop. Dead. So people behind all pile into them.

    And people who wait until the person on the check out says “that’ll be £12.35 please” to start rummaging in their bag for their purse. Empty half their bag, find purse. and then start counting out small coins to get exact amount. HURRY THE HELL UP

  2. Walking to school is what I find hard to keep patient with. The pavement is narrow and no matter how early – or *ahem* late I may be running there’s always one parent walking reeeeeally slowly, taking up the whole pavement with a gridlock of rushing parents behind!

  3. people with shopping trolleys in town on market day when they are just popping to one of the shops and not doing any market shopping. That then gets combined with the slow walking and stopping dead technique too. Generally I have a long fuse but when it goes…

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