Writers Block – after only a month!!!

So I’ve never been a “writer”.  I didn’t take essay subjects for A-levels and did Internet Computing for my degree so basically I haven’t written properly for nearly 20 years!

As you may well know by now I started this blog just over a month ago now to help keep me entertained at night while I’m awake (I suffer from severe insomnia and it’s literally been over 7 years since I last had a good nights sleep).

writers block blog

Anyway, my blog is public, i.e. all my friends and family know about it so there is a certain sense of being careful just in case my Mummy decided to read it.  However I also want to be very honest with everything I write and it all comes from my heart and I think as I’m not a “writer” it actually comes out as I speak – if that makes sense – i.e. I don’t edit it afterwards it’s just like I’m talking to you!!!! – and yes, I do talk a lot.

Four weeks in and I’ve come to a bit of a halt.  I’m loving the weekly meme’s such as Ranty Friday and Reasons To Be Cheerful that gives me a topic to write about as that helps me focus.  I had a night at home tonight and I had such high hopes of starting a few posts (for those that don’t blog you can write a post but set a publish time and date in the future or start a post and then come back to it to finish).  So I had thought I might start a few posts as I’ve got a busy rest of the week ahead but I sat here with my supper, glass of wine and rubbish on tv and I came up with nothing, absolutely nothing.

So I asked my Twitter friends if they had any ideas:

Mummy’s on the wine said: “no other than sit back and it’ll come! I find if I schedule myself to blog I can’t think of anything…”

Ms Mummy of two said: ” i went people watching in a cafe and also watch something you don’t normally watch on tv and read other blogs !”

MistySrsly said: “I nosy in on people’s conversations haha”

Aspie-Girl said “What you need is lack of sleep, extra sugar, caffeine and a sudden urge to share. It’s like being drunk with a keyboard”

What would I do without Twitter.  As with my blog I’ve only been ‘doing it’ for a month but I can’t remember life without it.

So… I’m off to people watch, nosy in on other people’s conversations, sit back and relax ….and I already do the lack of sleep and drinking too much!!!

Thank you for all my help and fingers crossed something highly interesting and amusing will be published tomorrow 🙂