Crayola Letters

I had to post a picture of my latest crafty fabness!

It’s a very cool Crayola Crayon picture in a 3D frame


I’ve made the letter ‘F’ as this is going to be a present for my darling godson Freddy.  I’ve got 2 goddaughters and 1 godson and I do feel it’s so much easier making fab girlie stuff so my goddaughters have received quilts for their dolly’s, cushions, pictures etc but my darling Godson has only been given one lame picture that I think my 5-year-old son could have made!!!

So I’ve been wanting to make up for this for a long time.  I’m in the middle of making him a lovely patchwork quilt for his bed but this is proving quite a long project so in the mean time I thought I could give him this.  He’s only 3 so it’s more of a pressie for his Mummy!!!  But I hope they love it 🙂

If you would like me to make you a picture of any initial please visit my Facebook page which has all of the details –

Thanks for reading x


6 thoughts on “Crayola Letters

  1. I love this, so creative 🙂 It took me a moment, and a good close look, to work out that the letter is actually formed from crayola crayons though. You definitely need a better (close up) photo!

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