To cluck or not to cluck

So I received an SOS call late Friday afternoon as my darling friend had gone into labour and I needed to look after her two children until her backup could arrive.  Luckily for me my Mummy is currently living with us so she was able to hold the fort for me while I rushed over to H’s house to help her out.

Excitingly after a serious fraught few hours she had a beautiful baby boy very early on Saturday morning and came home Sunday to an amazing reception from her elder 2 children.

So…. I’ve just dropped mine off at school and nursery and headed over to have a snuggle with Baby W and a big congratulations cuddle with H.

Now, I have 2 beautiful children who I love with my whole heart but I’m in an almost enviable position that I have always known before, during and after that I only wanted 2 children (and have been very lucky to have these 2 children).  My decision is also backed up with the fact that due to my never-ending insomnia having a 3rd I don’t think would be possible coping wise.

I have a lot of friends who just don’t know.  They think they don’t want to go through the pregnancy and sleepless nights again but also don’t think their family is complete yet.  It must be so so difficult not knowing 100% whether to keep going or to stop, sit back and enjoy.

So to cluck or not to cluck.  I had a lovely snuggle with Baby W but passed him back to H with a content smile from both of us – we are both completely happy with our lot.