Discovering New Blogs

Lynn C Schreiber over at Salt and Caramel has created a Discover New Blogs meme.  This is a great idea not only for new bloggers to go and shout about themselves but also for the more experienced bloggers to find new writers that they would like to read.

So following the rules that Lynn has set out:

My name is Sally and I’m a SAHM to two children, a boy who’s 5 and a girl who’s 3.  I also have a wonderful husband who works far too hard, is the chef of the house and is the rock of our family.

I started blogging 6 weeks ago.  The main reason for this is that I suffer from insomnia.  I don’t mean a few nights here and there of no sleep, I mean 7 phenomenally hard years where at my worst I was getting 45 minutes every night (this lasted for nearly 2 years and that was while I was pregnant and had our 2nd child.  At it’s best it’s 4 hours a night  (which is where I am now).  This has sent me pretty loopy in the past (and still does occasionally) however now that my youngest has started nursery 15 hours a week I am just able to cope so much better than ever before.  Anyway, I’m waffling, the reason I started blogging (and crafting) is basically so I have something to do at night when I’m awake and no one else is.  It keeps me sane and I’ve found that I’m really really enjoying it.  Not only am I enjoying blogging but I’m loving the whole social media world – it’s quite addictive isn’t it?

I think I am most proud of my very first post Hello Everyone – basically because it was my first.  It took me a long time to decide whether I was going to “come out” i.e. be myself or whether I was going to write under an alias.  However my most popular posts have always been my Ranty Friday one’s – I think everyone likes to read a good old rant 🙂

The post that I’ve had the best response to is my most recent Silent Sunday post.  I wasn’t surprised as it was just after I came out to my friends on Facebook so I knew my hits would increase over the next day or so.


Some blogs that I like to read:

Unfortunately as I’m on free WordPress I’m not able to show the blog hop here so please click through to Salt and Caramel to see some other new blogs.

Thanks so much for reading and thank you Lynn for starting.


Pass On The Lurve

So I’ve just come across a fabulous blogger called Manic Mum ( via Super Amazing Mum whom I follow).

Basically Manic Mum (MM) met Super Amazing Mum (SAM) 2 years ago online.  They both started blogging at the same time and as newbies together they bonded.  They weren’t friends in real life however have become so.  MM has gone through the most horrendous personal nightmare and SAM jumped in without being asked and from what I have read was there when she was really needed and they now are real life best buddies.  Their families are friends, their kids are mates, and they stay at each others houses and call each other up to laugh, cry or just for a chin wag.  So, because MM loves SAM so much and appreciates their friendship she wanted to start a “Pass on the Lurve” link where people in turn write about someone they’ve met blogging that they now count as a true friend – what a great idea.

Their story really moved me.  You see, I’m just a newbie. I’ve only been blogging for 3 1/2 weeks and I’m sitting here wondering whether perhaps in 2 years time I can look at MM’s post and add my own link to someone I meet in this humungous world of blogging.  Maybe it’s someone I’ve already met or someone lurking on the outside currently but might jump in as a follower very soon!!!  Whatever happens, I would really really like to come back to MM’s post in a few years and who know’s, someone might find it and write about me too!

So if you have someone that you would like to write about please please pass on the lurve

Thanks for reading x