Reasons To Be Cheerful – new friends

I’m sitting here tonight in our Sitting Room with a glass of vino and full stomach!   Mr P and my mother (who’s currently living with us) are in the kitchen talking American politics and although it’s interesting, I feel I’m a little politics out having spent the whole day reading and watching it.

So I’ve grabbed the chance for a bit of peace and quiet and wanted to write my next blog post.

I feel I’m in the very lucky position of still living in the area that I was bought up in so a lot of my school friends still live very close to me.  So although when I was pregnant I knew that I was going to meet new people and socialise with new people I never realised that I would make such seriously amazing friends.

I did NCT with my eldest and have made 2 friends there that I will have for life.  They were my absolutely saviours in the early days when things are so difficult and confusing and now we are back to being women in our own right (rather than being confused Mummy’s) we can laugh about those days and move on and enjoy each other and our interests etc.

I then had my daughter two years later and initially I didn’t make any friends with children her age and this didn’t matter until my eldest went to nursery when I felt it would be good for her to mix with same age friends.  I turned to my local forum and joined a book club that after one week turned swiftly into a Friday afternoon wine club!  Not only are the kids inseparable but so are the adults.  What’s lovely is that not only do the Mummy’s get on well but luckily so do all the husbands.  I see this group of friends every week and we regularly having dinner with with all the partners.  We are also totally there for each other through thick and thin and know that we can leave our children with each other in case of emergencies or daytime babysitting without hesitating.

That moves me onto my 3rd set of new friends that I’m so very very lucky to have met.  Our eldest started school this September, however he had been at nursery last year with all the same children so we’ve known each other for over a year now.  I think we are so very lucky with the group of Mum’s – very down to earth, like their socialising, love their children but aren’t ruled by their children (if that makes sense) and most of all make me smile and we have such fun.  They’ve been so supportive with this blog and my new crafting business and I don’t know what I would do without them.

So, for this weeks “Reasons To Be Cheerful” I have a big smile on my face and say, definitely my new friends.

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Reasons to be cheerful


Reasons to be cheerful – it’s the end of half term

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my children and love spending time with them but we’ve just had 2 weeks of half term and that’s only 6 weeks after 9 whole weeks of summer holidays.

My youngest only just started Nursery in September so this is my first experience of having my own time and I’m absolutely loving it.  Truly truly loving it.  It’s only 15 hours a week but it’s been a joy.  For the first few weeks I did very little.  I had grand plans of sorting out the house and their bedrooms and our office that I was changing into my craft room however in truth I watched a lot of Sky Plus!!!!  Anyway, come the end of September I started up Pressies by Pebbles and since then I’ve been spending my time crafting and blogging and generally getting excited about my new business.

So for the children to have been at home for the last 2 weeks, it’s kind of halted everything just as I was getting into my stride.  We’ve had fun swimming, playing in the park and snuggling on the sofa watching films but they’ve also frustrated me.  They are both enormously tired after a busy first half term and therefore are very short fused and hence leaving me a little frustrated.

So, although I feel guilty for saying this, my reason to be cheerful this week is because come Monday they will be back at school and nursery and my equilibrium will return 🙂

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Reasons 2 be cheerful – I’m loving my hobby

Mummy from the heart set up a fab linky back in 2011 to encourage people to appreciate what they’ve got.  As she says ” The best medicine for a negative day is to remind yourself of what you are grateful for” and I’m a great believer in this and so when I saw that she’d made a linky to encourage us to appreciate our life I thought why not.  So here I am…….

reasons to be cheerful craft children hobby decoupage

Today, I have many reasons to be cheerful but I’m feeling especially happy at the moment because after having been a SAHM for the last 5 years, I’ve set up a very small business called Pressies by Pebbles.  I suffer from insomnia and spend most nights wondering what to do with myself because if I stay in bed awake I send myself loopy.  So I took up crafting a few years ago to keep me company during the long nights and have absolutely loved it.  So now I’m able to share my crafty loveliness (even if I do say so myself) by personalising all my pictures into anything you want.

I only started selling a few weeks ago however I’ve already had a huge amount of support from friends and a few strangers so my confidence has increased ten fold and I’m just loving every minute of it 🙂

So I have many reasons to be cheerful however at present I’m mostly cheerful because of my new business 🙂

Thank you for reading.

I’m buzzing, I’m crafting

I had to post a picture of my latest crafty fabness!

It’s a very cool Crayola Crayon picture in a 3D frame – please excuse the blur – I was too excited to wait for daytime so had to take a quick nighttime pic with my phone!

I’ve made the letter ‘F’ as this is going to be a present for my darling godson Freddy.  I’ve got 2 goddaughters and 1 godson and I do feel it’s so much easier making fab girlie stuff so my goddaughters have received quilts for their dolly’s, cushions, pictures etc but my darling Godson has only been given one lame picture that I think my 5-year-old son could have made!!!

So I’ve been wanting to make up for this for a long time.  I’m in the middle of making him a lovely patchwork quilt for his bed but this is proving quite a long project so in the mean time I thought I could give him this.  He’s only 3 so it’s more of a pressie for his Mummy!!!  But I hope they love it 🙂

If you would like me to make you a picture of any initial please visit my Facebook page which has all of the details –

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Crafting Away

So I’ve been a busy little bee since recovering from my birthday.  I’ve had music blasting out to give me that little extra umph and I’m on a roll.  Lots of ideas but just not enough time to make them all – my list is growing by the day which I just love 🙂

A dear friend came over yesterday and has commissioned me to do two of my butterfly pictures for her Goddaughters.  I’m currently hunting around for some lovely craft paper for me to start cutting out – I’ll upload pictures as soon as I’m done.
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