Crafting Away

So I’ve been a busy little bee since recovering from my birthday.  I’ve had music blasting out to give me that little extra umph and I’m on a roll.  Lots of ideas but just not enough time to make them all – my list is growing by the day which I just love 🙂

A dear friend came over yesterday and has commissioned me to do two of my butterfly pictures for her Goddaughters.  I’m currently hunting around for some lovely craft paper for me to start cutting out – I’ll upload pictures as soon as I’m done.
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Hello everyone!

So this is my first (of I hope many) blog posts and I feel a little nervous and dare I say a little silly too!!!!

Nervous because I’ve spent many years reading other blogs and thinking “wow they write so well” or “wow they are pretty cool” and unfortunately I don’t think I write well and I know I’m not cool!!!!!

Silly because writing this down is like thinking at night while you’re awake.  You’re talking to absolutely nobody so things just go round and round in your head and there’s never a solution so…… the question is why am I writing? Continue reading