What really grinds my gears….

I was tagged by the fabulous Clare Lou Allen, who asked me to share things that grind my gears. The meme rules are to simply link back to the meme creator, & the person who tagged you.

So here I go, what really gets on my goat…….

  • People who don’t say please and thank you
  • Inconsiderate drivers
  • People talking under their breath but loud enough for me to say “pardon” but them to say “oh nothing”
  • My mother’s eyebrow raises when I pour myself another glass of wine (she’s currently living with us so this is happening A LOT)
  • My sons fussy eating
  • My daughter’s stubborness (that she gets from me)
  • When I’ve spent hours crafting a picture only to realise that I’ve stuck everything upside down from where the hook on the back is (happened twice in a row)
  • Competitive mothers (or fathers)
  • People that don’t appreciate the amazingness of Home and Away!!
  • Dog owners that don’t pick up after them – AGH

I’m sitting here getting more and more annoyed as I’m thinking about all those little annoyances in life….. so I’ll stop now and pass the buck onto some other lovely bloggers…

The lady who came up with this fab idea is Mummy of Many Talents at http://mummyofmanytalents.wordpress.com/
And I’m tagging the following and going to ask them what really grinds their gears:

Ranty Friday – I hate it when people don’t say “please” and “thank you”

I don’t want to come across as a curmudgeon but I need to have a rant!

I remember as a child, that my parents (mostly my Mummy) continually said “say please”, ‘say thank you” and me thinking they sounded like a broken record.  I couldn’t understand what was so important so I would just say it in order to keep them quiet (well as quiet as possible)

However, today and for as long as I can remember, it comes naturally.  Whether that be in the car with someone having just let me out of a junction, in a shop where I have just bought something (or even just had a wonder), to every night when I put my children to bed and I say to them “thank you for being you”.   It is just polite, courteous and most importantly respectful.

I, in turn, seem to spend my life reminding my 5 and 3-year-old children to say please and thank you.  I’d like to think that it mostly comes naturally to them now but I still remind them if they haven’t.  At their parents evening this week both teachers said how polite they were and never needed reminding to say please and thank you and more than anything else that was said about them, that made me so proud.  My husband and I are bringing up well-mannered children and that really matters, really really matters.

The thing is though it has to come from adults.  How are the younger generation going to learn unless their parents and other adults encourage them to do so.  However, more often than not I get infuriated when I go out of my way to do something and I don’t get a thank you, whether that be from a stranger or someone I know.  Even slang words like ta or cheers is absolutely fine – I’m actually quite a fan of cheers (not only when I toast my wine!!).

There’s this annoying gate opening into the school playground that really slams back on itself.  I quite often find myself standing there at school drop off or pick up to let maybe 3-4 groups of people in but I rarely get a “thank you” or “ta” or even a vague smile in acknowledgement – it doesn’t take much does it?

So readers please, in future, no matter how small the action, please say please and thank you.

Thanks for listening to my Friday rant.   Oooooo what am I going to rant about next week?

ps – please check out my twitter friends blog – http://www.mummybarrow.com/ranty-friday/  She is encouraging us all to let out a rant each Friday and posting it on her blog – letting out a bit of steam before the weekend comes.