Pink Princess DNA

So when I was growing up I was the ultimate Tom Boy; climbing trees, only girl in boy’s football team, always wore trousers, sports bonkers (not that non Tom Boys aren’t!!), never wore make up (I actually rarely do even now) …. the list could go on.

My mother said she did absolutely nothing to encourage me to be a Tom Boy even actively encouraged me to be a bit more girlie but I never conformed.

So as my mother probably questioned herself 30 years ago I’m questioning myself now… why is my daughter such a Pink Princess.  She is the ultimate girl.  If she had her own way, she would only wear dresses (only pink), would only play with dolls (dressed in pink obviously) and would have as many gorgeous clips in her hair as possible.  She is actually quite sporty, but only with a pink ball!!!

The reason I’m writing about this now is I like to think as a mother I don’t let my children get away with everything and that what I say goes.  However this afternoon we went shopping for paper plates and balloons etc for her 3rd bday tea party and she had the most almighty tantrum (probably worse ever) when the balloons weren’t all pink and I wouldn’t go hunting for them.  I put my foot down and my life was made harder because of it.

Should I have just let it go and let her have her own way or was I right to make a stand as it was going to have to happen at some point (i.e. not everything i buy can be pink!!!)?