This parenting malarky is easy… so says Mr Pebbles

So Mr Pebbles has lost all power at his office so he’s sent everyone home for the day as no work can be done.  Initially I was thrilled to have him home mid afternoon on a week day as this is a minor miracle.  The thought of having help with tea, bath and bed was just too exciting.

I think I also wanted him to witness that weekday parenting isn’t all easy when chores need to be done, homework finished and tea eaten with 2 very very tired children ….. however it is this afternoon!!!  The children have played by themselves since we walked through the door.  No bickering, no snatching, no pulling/pushing/crying etc etc etc so Mr P and I are sitting here with our

feet up wondering what to do with ourselves when he comes out with:

“This parenting malarky is easy isn’t it?”

No, no, no, no, no it isn’t, but he just won’t believe me !!!