English Country Garden

Well I’ve just experienced the negatives to all this blogging is that you write a really really long post and then off it goes into the atmosphere with no chance of return!!!  I’ve kind of lost my mojo now but I must crack on so here goes….

english country garden flowers colourful
Well I mentioned in my last post that we’re having a British themed dinner party on Saturday so my daughter and I have just spent the last hour in both ours and our next door neighbours garden (with their permission) picking the most glorious flowers and greenery (is it called shrubbery!!!) – i think that sounds better than greenery but you know what I mean.  Anyway, my daughter is now asleep and I’m sitting at my kitchen table with lots of vases, lots of greenery but no imagination or vision.  I had such high hopes and I really have tried my best but…. I’ve just made an SOS call to my mum, who luckily lives close by, who’s going to pop over later to help 🙂

I also went to the florists this morning and bought some rhododendron heads that i’m going to pin at the bottom onto some weights and have them submerged under water.  I saw it being done a few weeks ago at a friends party and it looked just amazing.  I’ll make sure to take pictures so you can see what i’ve so badly described 🙂

As it’s all about British and I’m a bit bonkers I’ve got my Union Jack wig and contact lenses at the ready (check out one eye – only one eye because it was just too painful to put both of them in!!!

(had them for a fancy dress a few weeks back).  I won’t be wearing the UJ dress and shoes as that might scare my friends off!!!  Check out these beauties.  Anyway I had better go and at least make a bit of an effort so my mum doesn’t think i’ve done nothing!!!

Thank you for reading

union jack wig fancy dress

union jack shoes party