What really grinds my gears….

I was tagged by the fabulous Clare Lou Allen, who asked me to share things that grind my gears. The meme rules are to simply link back to the meme creator, & the person who tagged you.

So here I go, what really gets on my goat…….

  • People who don’t say please and thank you
  • Inconsiderate drivers
  • People talking under their breath but loud enough for me to say “pardon” but them to say “oh nothing”
  • My mother’s eyebrow raises when I pour myself another glass of wine (she’s currently living with us so this is happening A LOT)
  • My sons fussy eating
  • My daughter’s stubborness (that she gets from me)
  • When I’ve spent hours crafting a picture only to realise that I’ve stuck everything upside down from where the hook on the back is (happened twice in a row)
  • Competitive mothers (or fathers)
  • People that don’t appreciate the amazingness of Home and Away!!
  • Dog owners that don’t pick up after them – AGH

I’m sitting here getting more and more annoyed as I’m thinking about all those little annoyances in life….. so I’ll stop now and pass the buck onto some other lovely bloggers…

The lady who came up with this fab idea is Mummy of Many Talents at http://mummyofmanytalents.wordpress.com/
And I’m tagging the following and going to ask them what really grinds their gears:

Ranty Friday – hangovers

So at what point is it fair that the older you get the worse the hangovers become?

ranty friday hangover

As a teenager and early twenties I was a big binge drinker and smoker and my hangovers were bad but I could continue 5, 7 even 10 days on the trot with just a quick Bloody Mary (or actually in my case a full fat Coke) and then on with the drinking.  OK, I didn’t have anything to get up for (well apart from University and then work) in the mornings but it didn’t matter I just coped.

I gave up smoking when I was 26 and the hangovers disappeared totally, not a jot, never ever.  It was amazing.  I couldn’t believe that smoking could really make me hungover and not the alcohol.  So I was laughing, I sympathised with my friends when they were suffering but truthfully just thanked my lucky stars and patted myself on my back for having such an amazing constitution!

Then I hit 30 which also coincided with having children and it has become an absolute JOKE.  OK, so when I drink I drink a lot – I’m a big girl and can take my drink – but still…. it just isn’t fair to punish me in such a way, especially when I have to look after my children with their whining and crying and constant why, why, why, why??????  No that’s not fair they’re not that bad at all however when I’m hungover THEY ARE THAT BAD.

So my Ranty Friday post this Friday really is in desperation – why oh why are my hangovers so bad?

Thanks for reading

ps – please check out my twitter friends blog – Mummy Barrow  She is encouraging us all to let out a rant each Friday and posting it on her blog – letting out a bit of steam before the weekend comes.

Cork mirrors

One of my followers wanted to have a look at our cork mirror that we’ve just finished.  This mirror is about 1.5m wide and 1m high so it took a lot of corks – which meant we had to drink a lot!!!!

I’m currently making some cork boards for a friend to put up her children’s paintings etc.

Let me know what you think?

Happy Birthday to Me

So it’s my 35th birthday on Sunday and following on from such a phenomenal British year we are going for a dinner party with a British theme.

union jack flag british england birthday

My husband is an inspirational cook and loves nothing better than to trial and error dinner parties.  So for the past 10 days bang has gone my diet as every night is a taster for things to come.

I’m hoping this time next year I won’t be able to post about the menu before the actual occasion but seeing as it’s only my 2nd post and no one has read me yet I’m thinking to hell with the risk of guests knowing and letting the world know!!!

Last night he was boiling pigs trotters!!!  not to eat but he is going to use the gelatine for the pork pies that he’s cooking as a starter (I know pp sound like an odd starter but we’re having an English picnic for starters with scotch eggs (we tried and tested them on Sunday night – yummy runny yolks), sausage rolls (last night) and then luckily we have a night off before finished pork pies tomorrow!!!!

For his birthday in August I bought him a sous vide (you might have seen it on cooking programs – it’s a water bath) – so tonight (Wed) night at 7pm he vacuum packed the lamb and put it in to cook for 48 hours!!!

I’m bringing up the rear by doing desert.  In a rectangular shaped baking tin I will be baking a yummy cheese cake with raspberries and blueberries used to shape the Union Jack on top.

This is all topped off with English still and sparking wines from http://www.chapeldown.com/ – we went wine tasting there in August and I can’t recommend them enough – fabulous wine and a great experience.

I’ll let you know how the gelatine turns out!!! and hopefully photos will follow on Saturday night.

Thanks so much for reading