More Than Just A Mum

I’ve just come across a fabulous blogger called Kate Takes 5 – she has some really interesting posts and definitely makes you think while reading them.  Her latest post is titled “More than just a Mum” and talks about one thing she did before she was a Mum that she’s really proud of.

It got me thinking, and thinking, and thinking.  What did I do before I was a mother?  That’s scary, I’ve only been a Mum for 5 years but I’ve already forgotten my past life – and that’s just horrible.

So I wracked my brains a bit more and I came up with something that I’m really proud of.  It’s not the most exciting thing that I did pre kids but I’m really proud of myself for it…. I was a kick arse Salesman!  I had quite a few jobs before kids but all of them were sales based – advertising sales, internet sponsorship sales and then finishing in recruitment.  I hit and exceeded my targets without fail (and trust me I didn’t always work that hard!!!) and I had total confidence about what I did.  I knew I could walk into a room and make people listen.  I wasn’t the most business like person but I was very commercial and very very truthful and people seemed to buy into me and whatever it was that I was selling.  I’m beyond proud of this and as it’s now been over 5 years since I last worked and I’ve lost this confidence.  I don’t know where the self-esteem has gone but it’s gone.  Friends and acquaintances will say it’s still there and they are shocked when I voice my sadness that I’ve lost my vavavoom but I know I have.

I haven’t given up though.  Although I can’t imagine that I’ll ever go back to that work life but now the children are growing up I’m slowly but surely getting my identity back and feeling more confident and I know I will be kick arse amazing at something some time soon.

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Thanks so much for reading